11 Answers

The latest thing in blogland is going around.  My dear friend Keyalus, tagged me.  And, while I don’t have time/energy/ability to come up with 11 random things about myself.  I mean, come on, I tell you guys everything as it is, I have decided to oblige her by answering her 11 questions.  I do so love answering random questions!

1.  Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?  Got any real life ghost stories to share?

I absolutely believe in ghosts and spirits.  I have never seen them and I am happy.  I think it would wig me out completely.  I also believe in Guardian Angels.  I am not sure who is my Guardian Angel.  Something I think it’s my deceased grandma or grandpa. 

2.  What would your dream career be (regardless of your personal talents or familial obligations)?

I would be a performer.  The singing kind.  Not making records and videos, but on the stage.

3.  Describe the best restaurant meal you’ve ever had?

Anyone who knows me I have a true relationship with food.  I could never pick just one.  But I can tell you some of the best things I ever ate: a falafel in Amsterdam, Slippery Shrimp in Los Angeles, Mahi Tacos in Maui, and of course, my beloved Cassano’s pizza in SW Ohio.

4.  What is your favorite candy bar?

Resee’s PB Cup.  You put your chocolate in my Peanut Butter!

5.  If money was not an issue, how many children would you have (if any)?

I’d have one more, or two if the next one was another girl.  I want a little boy!

6.  Do you believe in love at first sight?

Nope.  That’s called lust.

7.  Where would you like to live besides the place you live now?

Monterrey, California

8.  If you could travel back in time and change some incident in your life, would you do so?  You would have no idea what effect this change might have on your current life.

Yes, without a doubt.  I know the exact moment that I would change.

9.  When your hair was the longest, how long was it?  When your hair was the shortest, how short was it?

Just below my shoulders, right before I began my transition.  I’d say the shortest was about 3 inches after I did my chop last June.

10. I heard on the radio that a recent episode of Fear Factor had the contestants drinking donkey se.me.n.  Would you do this for the chance to win money?

I do have a price, but 50 g’s ain’t it.  We’d have to get into life changing money for me to do something positively insane like that.

11. What’s the largest prize that you’ve ever won?

$466.  I went to the horse races with my two Aunts and ex-husband.  I won 466 bucks.  That began my brief love affair with bettin on ponies.  I even went a few times when my mom was living out West.  I never won a big amount again.

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4 Responses to 11 Answers

  1. K says:

    Right. $50,000. Soooooo not enough.

  2. keyalus says:

    Horse racing? Awesome!

    The Stephen King book I’m reading has me thinking about time travel. The main character was able to go back to a specific time in the past but still come back to his present life…only that present life might be affected by whatever he changed back then. I would be too scared that I might change something that would mess up my future/present. What if something small I changed meant that I didn’t meet The Mister and have Lewis?

  3. AR Gal says:

    I went to the (horse) races for the first time a couple of weeks ago and won a whopping $4.20. I’m not a bettin’ woman though so I was quite satisfied with the winnings.

    I can’t believe Fear Factor hasn’t upped the prize bag. They ask A LOT of people (nothing that they don’t sign up for) but damn can they throw in a hybrid with that 50 G’s ?!

    Monterrey is not too far from San Fran (which I’m in love with and extremely addicted to) so I can see why that would be your location of choice. It’s absolutely beautiful in that area.

  4. jacquie2010 says:

    I’m a Cali native from the Bay Area. I’ve spent many a day in Monterey visiting the Aquarium and the beach. Monterey is definitely your small, beachy town, but not too far away from city life like San Jose. Good choice! *homesick* 🙂

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