A Little Martha

I’ve had these ugly chairs for quite some time.  Actually, they were once quite lovely and pristine, but then I hosted Thanksgiving a few years ago and a careless cousin dropped butter all over a chair.  Then other little children helped them to get soiled.  Finally, Regan arrived and, well, all bets were off.

I’m not mad.  These things happen and I was always told recovering the chairs would be a snap. I’ve had fabric samples in my kitchen drawer for nearly a year and this weekend, by golly, I finally decided to do something about those dreadful chairs.  I picked up a staple gun at lowes and headed to hobby lobby for the fabric.

I have to say it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  Removing the old cover proved daunting at first.  There were easily 30-40 heavy duty staples holding the fabric in on each chair.  After the first dozen staples I got wise and whipped out my box cutter and just cut away the old fabric.  By the time I got to the third chair I had a pretty good system going.

Here is the result.  Not perfect, but far better than before.  And I love that if I get bored with this pattern or it gets stained, changing them out is a snap!

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8 Responses to A Little Martha

  1. discodiva73 says:

    They looked great! What’s interesting to me is they are appearing more blue here than green.

  2. SimplyB says:

    Very nice!!

    I love to clean and scrub but I don’t have one ounce of the creative Martha in me.

  3. NaturallyK says:

    Good job!

  4. onefromphilly says:

    Good work! I like the fact chairs can be recovered. It’s almost like getting new furniture.

  5. Rosesdaughter says:

    Good job!!

  6. Kena says:

    I have 6 chairs with a cream microfiber seat—same color as yours. I thought about recovering with something cool, funky and hip leaving the orig cover udnerneath because they are in good shape. Thought is that when I get tired I can always remove the new covers and either change and repeat or go back to a sea of beige that is my house.
    I like this diy home stuff.

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