6 Million Colors of Paint, Choose One

Okay, I really need some help in deciding what color to paint Regan’s bathroom.  I am very boring conservative when it comes to home decorating, and I am trying to step out of my color comfort zone.  Keyalus said I should go for color, but I’m not sure what color to go for.

So look at the these three and tell me what you think.  Yes, I know #1 and #2 look exactly the same, but they looked different on the card sample.  #3 is the most bold, but I don’t know if it will make my bathroom look small or dated in a couple of years.  I just don’t know!

Yes, I know the pics aren’t the greatest.  And you can’t really see the whole room.  Remember, this is my shower curtain setup.

I’m buying paint Monday, so please weigh in!



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17 Responses to 6 Million Colors of Paint, Choose One

  1. AmyG says:

    I like two!!!!

  2. Number 2. My soror has a bathroom painted an eggplant color and when ever I used to use her john, it felt like I was in a coffin.

  3. Two is still subtle enough but still a striking color.

  4. Kim says:

    Either 1 or 2.

  5. CC says:

    Hue number 2

  6. mzinspiredmind says:

    I say #2. It’s the most neutral (to me) and you’ll be able to do a lot of different things w/ it.

  7. Daphne says:

    I like number 2.

  8. discodiva73 says:

    The best thing about paint is that it’s relatively cheap to fix if you don’t like it or want a change in a few years. 2 looks good to me.

  9. Gladys says:

    I love BOLD color. I’d go with #3.

  10. Sasha says:

    #3 Love the boldness. Remember, if the color is outdated in a few years just paint it a different color.

  11. Nerd Girl says:

    2. But my kid has a screaming yellow bathroom, so what do I know…

  12. onefromphilly says:

    #3, I’m like Gladys, I love bold.

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