Ruff and Stuff

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9 Responses to Ruff and Stuff

  1. Tazzee says:

    I was going to buy one of those special towels to dry my hair. Now I shall use an old t-shirt. Thanks Babs!!!

    You know exactly what your readers want, thanks for giving us the adorable cuteness at the end.

  2. kiesh says:

    this is my go to hairstyle when i just need to get my hair done and out the door quickly. cute!

  3. Kurlylicious says:

    Thanks for sharing! I need the thicker band, I have the smaller one, they always slide on my my head.

    Your little lady is just the cutest!

  4. Rehab says:

    This makes me wanna go kiss Devie.. She’s so cute in the am.. Love the hair too BTW..

  5. trininista says:

    toooooo cute – both the puff and the baby.

  6. innerdiva says:

    Your hair has grown a lot! I feel like your texture might be similar to mine…I need some bigger bands.

    My baby likes you, He kept talking to you during the video.

  7. dmac says:

    Your hair is really long. And that baby is too cute!

  8. She is a doll!!!! And a genius too 🙂
    I have not done a puff in so long. I think I will rock some puffs for the spring.

  9. Bunny says:

    Babs your hair has really grown in a short amount of time! Love the puff, looks adorable on you. It looked like baby gave the peace sign rite before she waved bye bye.Too adorbs!!!

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