That baby took all of my good parts this weekend.  Remember how I felt after being trapped in the house with her last year during Snowmageddon?  That’s kinda how I’m feeling after two days with her.  I feel like I spent the last two days yelling “no!” and “stop!” and otherwise correcting her behavior.

On Saturday she refused to nap.  Refused.  She finally came and sat next to me on the sofa around 2 or 3 and fell asleep.  After an hour she woke up out of the blue and had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN.  Like, I can’t even explain to you what it was like.  She was lying in the floor thrashing around, kicking me, throwing punches.  She couldn’t be consoled by me, a pacifier or a cold drink.  It was so weird.  It went on for nearly half an hour.  I finally got her to calm down by stepping outside where we walked through the neighborhood.  She was clutching her cup, a bag of goldfish and pacifier.  I was scared to talk or make any sudden moves.  That’s basically how the rest of the evening went.

Sunday was only slightly better.  She, again, refused to nap so I decided we’d just leave the house and run errands.  We weren’t gone five minutes when she passed out in the car.  So I drove around for 40 minutes (with gas at $3.65) so she could sleep.  I was going to sit in the parking lot of Home Goods for another hour but she woke up.  Her nap was too short.  And she spent the rest of the evening being totally disagreeable.

Thank God I got her a bath and in the bed before 7pm.  I truly couldn’t take much more.  I almost want to cry I’m so exhausted from this weekend with her.  Instead I opened a bottle of wine and am trying to enjoy the red carpet show.

This is one of those times when I can honestly say single parenting is so hard.  Not having someone to tag team parent with is difficult.  Having to do all the disciplining, all the meals, all the playing, all the baths and naps and everything every single day is so draining.

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15 Responses to Spent

  1. Kena says:

    This is practice for the challenges to come. The attitudes, the stomping off cause she didnt get her way, thinking she knows EVERYthing, thinking she knows more than you, etc. Just wait until she hits puberty.
    One day you’ll wish she was itty bitty again and wonder where all the time went. Next weekend will be better. Hang in there.

  2. innerdiva says:

    I’m not a single parent, but I know how draining parenting can be. Is there anyone who can sit with her while you get a break? Can she go hang out with her dad for a weekend? Hoping you get some rest and a little peace and quiet.

  3. mzinspiredmind says:

    The “terrible twos” are upon us. I wish I could say that it will get better but….. *le sigh* Hugs and a huge virtual bottle of your fav. vino.

  4. CC says:

    Sending hugs.

  5. K says:

    I am not being disingenuous when I say that I think of you often and wonder how you manage to make it look so…easy? manageable? I don’t know. If T is out of town and Ezra is being a pill, you seriously come to mind because I know that you are running that show solo all the time.

    I am in awe of you, and I think you are doing a stellar job.

  6. onefromphilly says:

    Take some deep breaths. This really DOES PASS. It feels like eternity while it’s going on, but Regan will get older and more able to communicate exactly what’s bothering her. Right now she can’t formulate the words to describe her restlessness and she doesn’t understand the feelings either. It will take a while to get her to try to explain what’s wrong, so just keep encouraging her to use her words to tell you.

    You’re a great Mom, and doing a wonderful job raising your daughter.

  7. 1969 says:

    Hang in there Babs! The baby days are tough and the toddler ones get tougher. Enjoy your wine and get some rest. Is she teething or does she have an ear infection?

  8. Le sigh, it’s the terrible twos. One moment, they are sweet sweet agreeable wonder kids, and the next little crazy people who fall out in the middle of the floor and refuse to nap and say NO NO NO!. Sigh. I keep telling myself that this too will pass…

  9. Serenity23 says:

    Hugs! I know the twos were bad with Tyler but I can’t remember these type things. I do however remember wanting to blow my brains out when he was potty training. I cried lots! I use to complain to my cousin who is married about it b/c she had a daughter the same age. She told me to just be strong b/c she’s married and it’s still mostly on her anyway. So basically she made it seem like just b/c people have two parents at home doesn’t mean it’ll be easier on them. At any rate, glad the weekend is over and thank God for daycare.

  10. dmac says:

    I remember those days – the tantrums, the driving around, walking on eggshells. It gets better but then the kiddos turn into teenagers and it starts all over again. Even if for married parents, it can be hard because sometimes the little ones just want their mom. Just hang in there and do the best you can.

  11. discodiva73 says:

    Awww Babs…I am so sorry! I know it so very tough on you…especially when you got that Bonus 9 hours. You know you can call me if you need a break!

  12. ((Hugs)) Well, that sucks. I guess drugging and beating isn’t an option. LOL. I’m kidding.

    Don’t forget your village!

  13. If you weren’t feeling stressed sometimes, I would think something is wrong. You are entitled to feel tired and spent, you are molding another human being.

    Regan is a beautiful, smart, healthy toddler full of zest and vigor..and you have yourself to thank for doing a great job, mommy!

    Hang in there!!

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