What I’m Wearing

This has been the most awesome Winter ever.  I dare say it’s over and we are heading in to Spring.

When I saw that it was going to be 72 degrees today I knew I had to show my appreciation to Mother Nature by wearing something spring-like.  Then I came across this dress I bought on clearance a few months ago for $10 at JCP. 

A new outfit for less than the price of a meal at Five Guys AND it makes me look thinner?  That’s all kind of winning!

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3 Responses to What I’m Wearing

  1. dmac says:

    You look really cute! and skinny but shapely! Go you! I was planning to hit the JCP sales rack after work today.

  2. K says:

    72?! I am very jealous.

    Also, you look great.

  3. ames says:

    You look great. You are looking quite slim.

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