It’s Thursday and I Got Nothin!

Happy Thursday!  It’s a glorious day, isn’t it?  Why it’s my work from home day, of course it is!

I’ve been focused on a couple of things all day, but I did manage to run out and grab lunch and bring it back.  I sat out back and enjoyed the silence while I ate my lunch.  It was so relaxing watching the planes fly over. 

I had really weird dreams last night.  The most memorable involved rats.  They were in my home and in my bed.  I actually woke up screaming.  Like in the movies.  It was so weird and I was so embarrassed.  Then I remembered that I live alone and no one heard my soap opera screams.

Tonight is baby’s swim class which means I have to put on my bating suit.  I’m really hoping I’m not the only parent in a bathing suit this time.  I do not like being on display. On display. On display.

I’m taking baby to the children’s museum this weekend.  Looking forward to watching her have all that fun.  I’m not planning on taking the stroller, so this is going to be a huge test for her.  If she acts like a wild animal then she will likely spend the spring in the back yard.  She’s not about to be driving me crazy for the next three months.

I have ZERO motivation to workout or eat right.  Like, I really just don’t care.  I hate that I don’t care.  Sorta.

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2 Responses to It’s Thursday and I Got Nothin!

  1. K says:

    Nice inclusion of “On display, on display, on display…”


  2. Rosesdaughter says:

    Pookah loves the childrens museum! I think about no stoller, but him trying to snatch away( which he always does) is not the bizness.

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