Thankfully Regan was well enough to attend our scheduled play date at the Imagine It Children’s museum Saturday afternoon.  It was our first visit and we had a really nice time.  My only complaint is the number of “big kids” allowed in.  I get that parents might have children of different ages, but it’s not fair for the little kids who end up getting trampled on.  I had to check one little girl for taking things out of Regan’s shopping basket and I had to physically snatch a boy up for trying to canonball down a slide she was on.

PSA: Mom’s of big kids, please keep them at home.  They aren’t welcome.  Save your money.

Despite the occasional nuisance, Regan had a lot of fun.  Not only did she get to see her bestie, but she got to explore an entire place built just for her.

Playing in the kitchen

She loves tunnels

Playing in the sandbox

Tending to the garden

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3 Responses to Imagine

  1. Pookah loves that place. So much so that he falls out when it’s time to leave!!! I’m planning a trip back, but I’ve got to prepare myself!

  2. Sherri says:

    We have something called Disco very P Lace K ids out here. It is for 1 – 8 year olds (roughly). I hate to see big kids where the toddlers are playing. Like to really need to pick make believe apples off make believe trees when you’re 8.

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