The ‘sac

Sunday was glorious.

Baby and I got up early for some snuggles and smoochers.  Then I decided we should go to church.  I haven’t actually been to the house of the Lord on a Sunday at 10am in years, and I was worried it was going to be crowded, but it wasn’t.  She enjoyed children’s church and I enjoyed service.

After church we grabbed some lunch and then went home so baby could nap.  While she was napping I caught a couple of episodes of my latest obsession, Downton Abbey.  If you haven’t watched this show and you like this sort of thing, you simply must watch it.  It’s great!

My neighbor came calling for Regan as she was waking up.  His granddaughter was over and we’ve been trying to get them together forever.  I set up my lawn chair in the driveway and baby started playing.  I got a little teary-eyed at the sight of her running around with the neighborhood kids.  I’m so excited that there are three other little girls across the street that are her age.

It was such a good time!  Regan and the girl were driving in the caddy.  I was chatting with the neighbors.  Other kids were kicking a soccer ball I provided.  We had such a good vibe going in the cul-de-sac that kids from the adjacent cul-de-sac came over to play.  My neighbor commented that in the 10 years he’s been living there he’s never seen so many kids in our cul-de-sac.  I told him it was the Regan effect.

Oh, and the caddy?  That thing was great.  It had a working radio and everything.  I was all set to order Regan one this morning until I saw the price tag.  Yeah, no.  She’ll be driving a big wheel like I did.  It’s better exercise, anyway.

My neighbor’s adult son was washing his car and when I mentioned I needed to wash my car, they gave me their hose, bucket and special car cleaning solution.  I changed clothes and got to work!  And I had the cutest little helper.  Some little boy whose name I could not make out, but understood his age.  I called him ‘3’ the rest of the afternoon. And he was actually a good helper.  He rinsed the tires and helped dry the car off.

I tried to pay him in goldfish crackers and juice boxes, but he was gone before I could.  But not before he asked if he could help me the next time.

Before Regan and I went in the for the evening I hooked my neighbor up with a brewskie from the garage fridge and he gave me hot dog fresh off the grill.  A fair trade, I’d say.

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8 Responses to The ‘sac

  1. cbean says:

    That sounds like the perfect neighborhood. I am glad God placed in the perfect atmosphere to bring up one of his cherished babies. Babs you are doing an awesome job!!

  2. onefromphilly says:

    I’ve loved living in the cul-de-sac. I have a great group of neighbors also. Glad that you and Regan are getting the great cul-de-sac experience. I’m lovin that pink caddie. I wish mine was pink. 🙂
    My son had a white Corvette, and the grand daughter had a pink Jeep. I hope Regan gets one!

  3. Jenni says:

    What a great day!! Kids playing, adults laughing and talking, the way every neighborhood should be!
    My son got attached to a motorized bike at a friend’s house. We haven’t priced them yet. I hope we aren’t in for sticker shock! It’s not as fancy as the car your daughter was riding in , so maybe it won’t be so bad. *fingers crossed*

  4. doahleigh says:

    Wow, your baby isn’t a baby anymore! It still blows my mind because I remember you long before you were pregnant. How is time going so fast?

  5. BK says:

    That is awesome!!! As the weather gets warmer I’m seeing more kids in my neighborhood.. Awesome time!!! Dang that is definitely top notch vehicle.. I thought the battery powered barbie car was serious LOL So happy you have great neighbors..

  6. Gladys says:

    Man…I miss the days of seeing kids out playing in the neighborhood. I do fine just to see the kiddies walking to school or being dropped off by their parents on my way to work.

  7. NaturallyK says:

    Aw! That does sound like a perfect day and neighborhood! Glad you are in the right place for you and Regan 🙂

  8. I cannot wait to buy another house and get out of this townhome. I love how all the pieces are coming together for you and Regan. Every kid needs to have a yard to play in.

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