I Need a Miracle

I have got to be the most well-rested mother of a toddler on the planet.  You see, ever since baby came home from her weekend away, she has been totally off her routine.  Where she once went to bed at 730 with no complaints, she now fights it every step of the way.  If I even look like I’m about to take her upstairs to bed to falls out prostrate on the floor crying.

When I put her in her bed (well actually it’s the guest bed but you know what I mean) she screams a cry of pure terror.  I try to ignore it, but I usually only last about 15 minutes before my heart bleeds and I have to rescue her.  I end up getting in bed with her or bringing her to my bed.  I can’t watch tv or read with her in the bed because it distracts her, so I have to just pretend I am sleeping, which usually results in actually falling asleep. 

I’ve been going to bed around 830 every night this week.  My blog is suffering.  My laundry is suffering.  My DVR is suffering! 

I have to get this girl back on schedule.  She is not getting enough sleep and it is affecting her overall demeanor.  In addition to fighting bedtime, she has general bouts of unpleasantness.  Like last night when she re-damn-fused to get out of her wagon which, btdubs is not meant for her little 30 pound booty.  It’s not even meant for the indoors but I am trying to pick my battles with her this week.

If I survive the toddler years it will be a miracle.

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8 Responses to I Need a Miracle

  1. Pookah has been on schedule all week, until last night. His allergies have finally won. he’s a hot mess today.

  2. onefromphilly says:

    That is hilarious how Regan squooze her booty into that little wagon. LOL

  3. Cyn says:

    That is most definitely a I dare you to try and take me out of this wagon look.

  4. arkansasgal says:

    And now for a musical selection………………..

  5. innerdiva says:

    But she’s so gosh darn cute, how can you refuse? I do know how you feel though…I haven’t had a regular night of sleep since around April. Of 2009. The other night, I went to bed at 7:30.

  6. discodiva73 says:

    My sister tries to makes bedtime “fun”. So they eagerly get into their PJs. Of course, she has an older one (4) and the younger one just follows what he does. But whether its them picking out the book or she challenges them to see who gets into their PJs (she gets in hers) they seem to enjoy it.

    Good luck!

  7. Baby, that’s a “who gone check me, boo” type look!

  8. jamie says:

    toddler years huh, this is just the beginning! it never ends, never, ever, never.

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