Randomly Speaking

The community service event I have been working on for two months was today.  My twittascope told me it was not going to go as planned, but that I would still have fun.  It was right.  I had 50 volunteers show up.  We worked our asses off.  We prepared lunch, painted, helped with resumes and software classes, organized, gave manicures and even had two hair stylists doing hair.  It was such a blessing to make an immediate impact in these women’s lives.


I saw Hunger Games over the weekend (thanks to the generousity of DiscoDiva offering to babysit).  I enjoyed it.  Now that a few days have passed and I have talked to other people about it I want to see it again.  I’ll wait for DVD, but I think I want to take it all in again and see what I missed.


Mad Men is back on the air and I am thrilled.  It was a long 17 months, but I feel like I am right back in the swing again.  When Roger said “are there lot of negroes in the lobby or is it just me?” I HOWLED.  And Don Draper handling his business on the living room floor?  Yes, please and THANK YOU!


The compliments I am getting on my hair are out of control.  I was out the other day and a women damn near broke her neck trying to get to me to ask how I got it to look like it does.  I am ready for the summer heat and humidity to make my hair SWELL.  I have something very specific about my hair on my vision board and it is really coming to fruition.  The universe is listening!


The universe continues to ignore my requests for true love and large stacks of cash.

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2 Responses to Randomly Speaking

  1. innerdiva says:

    Congrats on your event!
    Have you seen the Sesame Street version of Mad Men?
    Yay for your hair! I’m following your lead and getting my color touched up next week…possibly honey blonde with golden blonde highlights.

  2. Yay for your hair! I’m going to finally get color for my birthday. I don’t know what color to get though! SMH

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