The New South

Last night I stopped at the store to buy some vegetables for that baby.  I was standing in the self checkout line.  As you may have experienced in self checkout, you form one line and wait for the next available station.  So I was standing there, clearly waiting, and these two dudes came and stood next to one of the registers.  As the woman finished up and walked away, they proceeded to put their stuff down so they could check out.  Homey don’t play that.  I politely informed them that I was next in line.

“Oh, there’s a line?”

Yeah, dude.  And I’m first.  And the sexually ambiguous chick behind me is next then YOU get to go.  They got a little mouthy and said something about “ladies going first” which was dumb because my gender had nothing to do with it.  I was next in line!  But even if I wasn’t, what happened to men being gentlemen and letting a lady go first?

These new crop of men are a trip.  Selfish.  Rude.  They (and I am speaking in general terms) don’t hold doors, don’t let women off of elevators first, and now they have taken to bumrushing checkout lines at the market.  Just trifling!

Last month when I was in Charlotte, I stopped to get gas on my way out of town.  I witnessed a young, black couple pull up in a nearly new Mercedes.  The woman was driving.  And, get this, she got out and pumped the gas while homey sat in the passenger seat chillin.  I was disgusted.  What kind of man let’s a woman pump her own gas?

Okay, maybe my views are a bit archaic.  And maybe dude had a broken leg and couldn’t get out of the car.  But c’mon, you know he didn’t.

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14 Responses to The New South

  1. BK says:

    your views are NOT archaic!!! my son also gets out and pumps the gas if I need it.. and Jay hasn’t already filled it up. We are continuing to instill gentleman values in my son.. there is no way he will be THAT dude

  2. Honest says:

    I’ve found that there are still gentlemen out there. Unfortunately it’s the ones that aren’t who make a lasting impression sometimes. Your views are not archaic and those dudes were just rude and trying to cut in line knowing very well that we like to line up in this country!

  3. ames says:

    The south has been flooded with transplants from other regions. People like to move to a better place so their behavior can make it worse.

    My 2 year old son let’s ladies go first, opens and closes doors, tries to carry stuff and pulls out chairs for his sister and me.

    Women should not date or associate with these men. I hope my son never dates a woman who expects nothing and accepts anything from a man. That mentality is too low to associate with. The women who date these scummy men have to have his scummy fleas attached to her.

  4. delondaburns says:

    I truly understand what you are saying, When I lived in Chicago, I had to take public transportation to work. The train use to be so full, and all I use to see were the woman standing up, while the men are sitting down. I was and still is so disgusted by it, like whatever happen to getting up and letting a woman sit down.

  5. CC says:

    It’s true. Very rarely are men being raised to be gentlemen. Even if they weren’t raised with these values, there is a certain point in life where they should be aware of such values, how to carry themselves and how to treat others. And sadly, there’s a sad-ass crop of fools we have to pick from for mates. Screw that! I’d rather be single than carry a grown ass man. I re-effin-fuse.

  6. najalimu says:

    Your views aren’t archaic at all. It used the irk the crap out of me, when I wasvisibly pregnant and had to stand on the train while men sat in seats. One could argue, “oh you could have asked”, or “they are commuting too, and not paying attention”. BULL!! It’s crazy, if and when we do have boys, they will be taught proper etiquette from a young age.

    OAN: what the heck is up with women chaufeurring men around. I almost NEVER drive when my husband and I are together and I surely wouldn’t be pumping any gas. She’s the dumb one there for not insisting him to pump it. Although I’m not a huge fan <<THIS is why some women need to see that "Think like a lady. . I love the preview where Meagan Good says "I don't date men who don't open doors for me" and he drives off, LOL! But seriously have some standards!

    *stepping off of soap box and sitting down

  7. kimmy says:

    I’ll never forget when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant, riding the bus and standing. Finally, a woman offered her seat. Not one of the males sitting down offered me a seat.

  8. missmajestic says:

    I am guilty of not seeing the self-checkout line. I be in my own zone! But I humbly stepped to the side-no lip!
    My vivid imagination tells me that mercedes girl is a sugar momma and that was HER CAR. He is only allowed to drive it around her friends and acquaintances. She’s paying for that gas and she’s paid for every date. And bought the clothes he’s wearing.

  9. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    Not archaic at all! I’ve witnessed the whole gas thing myself! Chivalry is not dead, but I blame the women and the mama’s for not installing it in these jokers!

  10. NaturallyK says:

    Men behave the way they do because there are women who allow it. Sadly times are not changing for the better because of this.

  11. wifey615 says:

    Well, it wasn’t me. I live in CLT and my hubby always has gas in my tank. I don’t pump gas period. There is nothing wrong with the way you are thinking Babs. We teach people how to treat us.

  12. K says:

    Hmmmm. I was with you until the pumping gas thing. It would never occur to me to feel obligated to have someone else do it if he was there. Honestly.

  13. ondrea says:

    I don’t think your views are archaic at all. I wouldn’t date a guy who would watch me pump my own gas. He’d better be physically incapable of getting out of the car to do it.

  14. Rose's Daughter says:

    Your views are right! These men today have no home training. Or they have never seen a man be a man. SMH

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