The Great Manipulator

I had a great weekend.  I went to a friend’s house party Friday night.  Then I worked, exercised, rested and ran errands on both Saturday and Sunday.  It was a damn near perfect weekend and when Sunday evening rolled around I was ready for my girl to come home for some quality time and smoochers.

She was in a good mood and had fun helping me prepare dinner.  I let her help me season the pork chops, but then she became obsessed with sticking her fingers in the meat and tasting the seasoning.  We made it through dinner with little diasgreement and headed upstairs for bath, book and bed.

As most of you know, Regan still takes a pacifier.  Well, she only takes it with me.  I find that very annoying.  She can be gone all weekend and doesn’t think twice about it, but as soon as she sees me she starts asking for it.  Up until the point that we moved, she only took it at night.  But then around Christmas time, when she had the ear infection, I let her have it during the day and she has been on straight junkie status ever since.

So last night she was taking a bath and started asking for her paci.  I told her she can’t have the paci in the bath and can have it when she gets out.  Do you know that little girl stood up and got out of the tub by her dammy?  She LOVES bathtime, but apparently at that moment she was missing her paci more.

I got her dressed in her jammies and we both got under the covers for snuggles.  We said our prayers which, bt-dubs, I totally think prayer is going to be my baby’s spiritual gift.  I tried to be still and let her drift off to sleep but she wasn’t having it.  I gave up after 30 minutes because Amazing Race was on she was still very wired, so we went to my bedroom.

She cried because I told her to leave her paci in the bed.  She came to my room and threw a fit.  I carried her back to her bed and spoke in a very clear and calm manner.  I explained to her that she can go the entire weekend without a paci so there is no way she has to have one at home.  I told her that her jig was up and I was done being manipulated.  I told her that if she wanted her paci she could only have it in HER bed, but that if she got out of her bed she couldn’t bring the paci.  Then I went back into my room and started watching tv.

Three minutes later I heard the pitter patter of little feet.  She came to my room without the paci!  

And here is where she began to put on a show.  For the next 30 minutes, she played in the mirror wearing my bathing suit.  Then she demanded “more snack, momma” and “more juice, momma.”  And then when it rained she declared “it’s raining, momma.”  I think she was tickled that I was so impressed with her use of the complete sentence that she wanted to keep saying it.  And so she did.  Over and over.


Then she got in my bed and kept pushing on my back demanding “horsey.”  And you know what that means.

After I tired of walking around the house with a toddler on my back I horseyed right on into her bedroom and told her it was time for night night.  She cried.  Boy did she cry.  But only for about 7 minutes.  And finally she was gone.

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6 Responses to The Great Manipulator

  1. tazzee says:

    How cute! The good thing is the paci didn’t leave her room so you were victorious.

  2. onefromphilly says:

    My BFF sliced and ripped the pacifier. Then she showed it to her daughter and told her that the “bad doggie” tried to eat the pacifier. In the trash it went. I know you don’t have a dog but maybe the garbage disposal accidentally destroyed the pacifier?

  3. Sherri says:

    A went home one weekend and took the little boy. I told Jordan Daddy took her paci with him so she couldn’t have it. She fussed a little about why did Daddy take the paci but 2 days later it was over. She hasn’t used a paci since.

    I’m just saying that it might help to blame someone else for taking the paci away…… 🙂

  4. Sasha says:

    She is something else!!!!!!!!! The girl is smart AND slick! lol! I love the stories.
    BTW…I’m following you on twitter now. I’m one of your blog lurkers (Ms. Sash).

  5. Rose's Daughter says:

    what is it about horsey? Pookah loves that. But he’s getting too big for that mess. Thats 37 pounds on my back.
    Pookahs issue is going to sleep by himself. I know for a FACT that he does it every day at school. But at home, he just HAS to be all up on me with his hand down my shirt. SMH.

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