Randomly Speaking

I’ve been working my tail off the last few weeks.  I like being busy, but my brain is kinda tired. 

The last time we went home I took my computer and worked almost every day.  This weekend I am leaving my computer at home.  I am giving my undivided attention to my daughter and grandmother this weekend.


I am seriously slacking on the whole birthday party thing.  I’ve got it planned in my head, but I need to get the invitations ordered, like, yesterday.


I may or may not have met the man of my dreams recently.  Unfortunately, I don’t think he could see me through all of this blubber.  As such, I have found my motivation for losing weight.  He is the first man I have looked twice at since I became a mom.  I don’t want to be in another situation where I meet a handsome goodlooking and feel like I don’t stand a chance.


Thanks to furniture buying and gas prices, I’ve been on a super strict budget the last couple of weeks.  Thankfully, my supermom powers have given me the gift of creating meals out of bare cupboards and skillfully spending my little dollars.


I need to finish packing.

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One Response to Randomly Speaking

  1. Rose's Daughter says:

    Gas is going down!!!
    And if he is the man for you, he will STILL see you!!!

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