The Women

How was your Mother’s Day?  Mine was great.  It was so much better than I expected it.  We went home for a long weekend.  We didn’t do much, just spent lots of time with family.  Wait, I take that back, we did do quite a bit.

We went to my little cousin’s soccer game.  I hadn’t planned on that and didn’t pack anything for an early morning outing, so baby had to wear some of her big (boy) cousin’s big clothes.  She didn’t mind.  She loved playing with the dog on the sidelines and watching the kids play with the ball.

In the afternoon we (me, my mom and aunts) spent the day planting flowers outside of my grandmother’s house.  We were out there for hours, but it was so much fun.  We really spruced up the yard by pulling weeds and planting flowers.  I was happy because my grandmother came outside and sat with us the entire time.  She had very specific ideas of where she wanted the different flowers.  It was our gift to her and probably the best gift she has received from us.  If you ever have trouble thinking of a gift for the woman that has everything, I recommend a day planting flowers.  Genius!

For my Mother’s Day, Regan got me a pedicure and a Mickey Mouse robe which, no joke, she picked out all by herself.  My mom got the serious side eye for letting Regan pick out a gift with cartoon characters on it, but baby gets so excited whenever she sees it. 

The rest of the weekend we just spent relaxing and playing games (and fighting a cold).  I had lots of quality time with my grandma and left feeling slightly better than the last time I was with her.  Regan had a great time at GiGi’s house and talks about her and Poppa all the time.

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7 Responses to The Women

  1. Mrs. AKAtude says:

    Your hair is FIERCE! So glad you had a great holiday and spent time with family! Sweet that Reagan picked out your gift!

  2. monica.h says:

    You hair in the picture with the flowers is EVERYTHANG!!

  3. onefromphilly says:

    I’m middle aged and my nephew still buys me Snoopy slippers, robes, pj’s and other assorted stuff. I LOVE IT!!! LOL
    Glad you had ad great Mother’s day with 3 generations.

  4. I spent Mother’s Day with my mom. We had a great time and my dad grilled some pork chops especially for me! Sydney got to play with her cousins and had a great time.

    I liked a few of your pics on Facebook. You hair is soooo gorg!

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