Come se dice “Stroller”?

I am convinced that God’s basecamp is at the Smy.ra T.arget.  Remember last year when I felt I was being tested to give the homeless woman money?  Fast forward to today…

I was leaving CFA where I got the crack that is a banana pudding milkshake.  Nevermind that I had just been called a b-i-t-c-h by some loser because I was parked waiting for the goodness to be delivered to my car.  Oh and I maintained composure and I didn’t tail his ass all the way down Windy Hill.  Though a bird may have been flipped his way.

Anyway, as I was pulling out I saw a young lady crossing the street holding an infant in one arm and holding the hand of a toddler in the other.  For those of you that know, that area is very busy especially at lunch time.  My heart raced thinking about her dropping the baby or the boy running into traffic.

I pulled into Wendy’s where I purchased a hamburger and as I pulled out I said, “God if you want me to give her my stroller, let me make this left turn.”  I’m sure you know where this is going.  There was no traffic coming either way so I easily made the left turn.

I didn’t know where she went, so I headed into the Tar.get parking lot.  I saw her walking and pulled up to her.  I asked her if she had a stroller, she told me she didn’t speak english.  So I pieced together a few sentences en español and asked her if she needed a (imagine my hand motions) stroller.  She said yes and asked if I had one.  I said yes and hopped out of the car.  As I strapped in what has to be the second cutest and softest little girl in the world, I introduced myself and told her I had a two-year old daughter who was starting to outgrow the stroller.  After I pulled the shade down to protect her baby from the sun, she hugged me and thanked me.

I said goodbye and was on my way.  It’s funny because since I got my SUV I never carry the stroller with me.  Last night I was unloading groceries and started to take the stroller out of the car and I didn’t because I thought I might need it.

I really love how God works and I love how he works through me to bless others.

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26 Responses to Come se dice “Stroller”?

  1. onefromphilly says:


  2. MrsTDJ says:

    Beautiful gesture ma’am! Very thoughtful!

  3. LyNn says:

    I’m so glad God made it possible for you to make that left turn…smile. What a selfless act of kindness!

  4. CC says:

    This is what spreading God’s goodness is all about. Bless You!!

  5. K says:

    I love this so very much.

  6. gnah says:

    Warms my heart. 🙂

  7. NaturallyK says:

    I love hearing (and doing) stuff like this! I bet you were a huge blessing to her.

  8. Shea says:

    That was so nice of you. Makes my cold heart go warm.

  9. Maz says:


  10. Thanks for warming my heart today.

  11. Michelle says:

    Love it, just got goosebumps. Love when things like this happen!

  12. glossedmimi says:

    Looove! Sometimes we are truly in the right place the right time. What a blessing.

    I can’t get enough of those bananan pudding milkshakes. If they would reduce the price a bit I won’t feel as bad.

  13. doahleigh says:

    What a cool story! Now you’ll always know that stroller is out there doing good. Hopefully she’ll pass it on someday when she’s done with it.

  14. AmyG says:

    LOVE IT. Good for you. You are a wonderful person.

  15. theorist says:


  16. anya says:

    Such a heartwarming story

  17. Petite Pearl says:

    I can totally see you doing this. And I know exactly where you’re talking about. Yes, that was divine intervention that you were able to make a left turn. God bless you.!

  18. august says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

  19. Tidy-Up Gal says:

    aww! That was so touching. God bless you!

  20. When I read this the other day..I cried..then I smiled. What a thoughtful thing to do.

  21. It was so nice of you to do this. God loves it when we don’t keep our blessings to ourselves.

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