Berry Good Time!

This morning Regs and I headed to a local farm to pick strawberries with friends.  I’ve never picked frresh fruit of any kind.  I was surprised at how easy and fun it is!  We picked out about two pounds of strawberries, and by “we” I mean “she”.  That child was a pro!  She literally picked them all by herself.  She knew exactly which ones to get.  Not a green strawberry in the entire batch.

This is definitely going to be a tradition for us.  Matter of fact, we’ll head back to the farm in a couple of weeks to get blueberries.

Have you ever picked fresh fruit with your children?  Did you do it as a child with your parents?

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6 Responses to Berry Good Time!

  1. nylse says:

    i was like you and had never done it. Did it as part of a field trip with the little one and surprisingly I enjoyed it. We picked strawberries.
    now that i think about it, when we lived in ny i do remember going apple picking. strawberries were more fun!

  2. innerdiva says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever picked fresh anything, lol. I don’t recall apple picking, even on a school trip. Pumpkins, maybe. I’d love to take the little one picking, but we’d have to drive upstate.
    P.S. Your hair is looking fabulous!

  3. Look at her with the bucket. Too cute.

    We’ve never picked fruit but when I was a kid we always picked blackberries each year and made a yummy cobbler. This is something I definitely want to do with Sydney.

    How early did you all have to get up to go?

  4. Serenity23 says:

    I took Tyler a couple weeks ago to a drive thru zoo and a strawberry farm. He fell asleep after the zoo so we ended up just buying already picked strawberries from the farm. I picked blackberries every summer as a kid b/c they were all over my neighborhood and back yard.

  5. MrsTDJ says:

    When I was growing up, my parents and I used to go pick apples and peaches. Great times!! I can’t wait to share some of that with my son.

  6. Nerd Girl says:

    We used to steal strawberries from the local field if that counts? Probably not…. We also picked mulberries because the bushes were plentiful. None of this was done under the watchful eyes of my parents.

    I think LG would enjoy this – picking, not stealing – and I’m going to try and find something for us to pick around these parts. Great idea – thank you!

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