Randomly Speaking

Did you see the guy on the Today Show who lost 400 pounds and put 250 back on?  I remember when he was on the news for losing all the weight.  He was cute and he seemed really happy.  I guess he wasn’t happy because he is now grossly obese again.  I feel so sorry for him.


Have any of you seen a creepy car with eyelashes rolling around your town?  I saw one last week.  A LEXUS no less.  The dumbest ish I’ve ever seen.  Please find better things to do with your money, people.


Regan is now 2 and that means no more free flights.  Ugh!!! I cannot fathom buying two tickets to go anywhere.  And I really hate that I didn’t plan better before her birthday.  I would love to send her to stay with my mom for a week, but that would be like THREE plane tickets.


I really want to get into something fun fitness wise, but I can’t because of you know who.  I have to pick her up at 630 AND I live in the boonies, so doing a fun class in midtown after work is not an option.  I’m really bummed about it.  It seems like everything starts at 530 or 600.  Why isn’t there anything fun to do at 430???


Speaking of fitness, tennis last week didn’t suck.  I managed to hit the ball a majority of the time.  I noticed the coach was correcting the same problems I had three years ago, so my skillz haven’t changed.  I do need to get new tennis shoes and I can’t find a tennis skirt to save my life.  Back in the day, I had no trouble picking them up at Target, now I can’t find any.  I’m trying to avoid buying them at a costly sporting goods store.

This week I have Regs with me, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out.  I already know she’s not gonna be happy sitting on the side.  She’s going to want to be in the mix.  I’m not looking forward to chasing her.

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6 Responses to Randomly Speaking

  1. Kena says:

    You do not even want to know how old my son was when I HAD to stop trying to pass him for a younger age just for discounts.
    What’s worse with the cars is people have the nerve to add a red nose to the grille and put the antlers on the windows with the eyelashes at Christmas…That is REALLY over the top.
    Tennis is not as easy as it looks. Ask me how I know??? So props to you for getting out there and working it out on the court.

  2. _K_Rock_ says:

    I saw some cute skirts at Old Navy yesterday. The intended use was not specified so I look at them as running skirts but you could probably use them as tennis skirts too.

  3. Michael says:

    Ummm, you know I’m a certified tennis pro right????!!! Seriously!!!

  4. Michael says:

    and i hate those car eye lash things, i can’t even comprehend!!!!

  5. creolepeach says:

    The lashes really confuse me. And on a Lexus? That’s disrespectful. I cannot handle the imagery of the nose and antlers described by Kena.

  6. nineteen69 says:

    Try TJ Maxx for the tennis skirts. You can always use a running skirt for tennis. They are great cause they have shorts under them. Glad you had fun. For tennis, bring

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