The Kids Are Gonna Hate Me

This morning I planned to talk to the director at the school but she wasn’t around.  So, when I got to work, I very kindly sent an email:

Dear School-
I wanted to express my thoughts about the ice cream Thursdays that have begun.  I’m not too keen on Regan having a mid-week ice cream treat at school all summer long.  As a 2-year old I find that to be a bit much.  I really try to limit the amount of sugar and non-nutritional snacks that she has.  That being said, I understand that all of the other kids will be having a treat and I don’t want Regan to be the only kid without.
Is it possible to take the other snacks into consideration on ice cream Thursdays?  I see that yesterday oreos were served as a snack prior to the ice cream.  That is far too much sugar in my opinion.  And I certainly notice the difference in her diaper!
Perhaps you all can serve carrots and celery as a snack on ice cream day?
Thanks for taking my thoughts into consideration.  I am very happy with School and this is truly my first real complaint since Regan has been enrolled.

Here is the response from the owner:

Hello Babs,
I totally understand your concern regarding ice cream Thursdays.  This is an optional event and not all students participate, definitely not each week – so Regan will not be the only one opting out of ice cream.  We will definitely offer a healthy alternative snack during that time as well (next weeks’ snacks are cheez its (3:00) and sliced apples (5:00) . 
After speaking with Director, we’ve decided to reduce the ice cream truck visit to every other Thursday after next weeks’ visit.  Thank you for expressing your thoughts regarding this matter, it is truly appreciated.  I hope that this answers your concerns and if not, feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Thanks again.

So there you have it.  We are going to cut out cookies on Thursdays and reduce the ice cream to every other week.  I can live with that.

And for those of you who read yesterday’s post and think I don’t let Regs have sugar, you misunderstood.  She probably has some type of sugar every day (juice, cookie, syrup on her pancakes, etc.), which is why I thought adding in ice cream was excessive. 

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5 Responses to The Kids Are Gonna Hate Me

  1. onefromphilly says:


  2. LoriF says:

    Eh, I say good for you for standing up for your child’s health! Yes, I know weekly ice-cream won’t “kill” a kid but I firmly believe that at 2 years old, anything eaten ‘weekly’ is not a treat, it’s part of their diet. It’s this type of thinking & behavior that has made our nation obese (myself included). I’m not trying to get up on a soapbox here, just think it’s something to consider about how these kind of habits gets ingrained in us at an early age. I think it’s great that they made a change based on your concerns! Way to go!

  3. Disco Diva says:

    At 2 do they care what the “treat” is? Apples, popsicles, oreos, celery…seems to me like all those options at 2 would have me smiling!

  4. Honest says:

    Good for you Babs! Establishing boundaries early on is essential.

  5. t. sheree says:

    Go, Mommy!!!

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