Remind Me

The next time I decide to do something nice for baby, like take her to the neighborhood pool on a weeknight, show me this picture.

It was all cool while we were in the pool, but when it was time to go baby showed OUT. There was crying, thrashing about and foaming at the mouth (no joke). It was embarrassing and I was furious. I couldn’t even restrain her in the car seat. I had to drive home with her standing in the back seat.

Needless to say, Regan will never see that pool again.

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10 Responses to Remind Me

  1. Joe Ann says:

    Ohhh, I could tell you soooo many stories that ends the same way. Only my child start the fits at the tender age of 4! Now we have a discussion about how to act when its time to leave EVERY TIME we go somewhere. And I remind her of the signal, “When it’s time to go, it’s time to go”. That & taking away her most prizes toys has calmed her down tremindously. We still have episodes, but no where near as many as we use to. I just remind her that her Dora kitchen will go back into the garage (where she can see it & not touch).

  2. LoriF says:

    My teen used to do that also when she was younger. I had to start announcing “10 mins until we have to leave”, “5 mins…”, etc. She would get so engrossed in whatever activity (even at home!) that there’d be a meltdown anytime there was a change in activity. To this day, the child knows how to FOCUS on a task! πŸ™‚ So far, haven’t had to do that with Kate since she’s more easygoing. Any tantrums she has can usually be cured within a few minutes by focusing her attention just about anywhere else. However, I’ve seen clues lately that that may not be the case for much longer. Lord please grant me patience for the second time around! πŸ™‚

  3. laughing808 says:

    awwww, dang……………

  4. Sherri says:

    Babs…. Regan is 2?? You have possibly 18 more months of the drama. Enjoy the Pool!

  5. Bridgette says:

    I have 3 kids and all three of them have had meltdowns about leaving the pool, or a playdate, or something like that. It’s just a part of parenting. I think it’s a part of the battle of the wills. As long as you are consistent without giving in she’ll get over it.

  6. dmac says:

    I don’t know why your parenting woes make me laugh, but they do! Like everybody else said, she’ll grow out of it, you just have to be consistant in how you handle.

    I also did the “we are leaving in 10 minutes” with my kids, but I usually said it around 30 minutes beforehand. Somehow having a definite end time helped avoid the meltdowns.

  7. nineteen69 says:

    BUT MOMMY…THE POOL IS FUUUUUUUNNNNNN. LOL, Poor Baby. *ducks and runs*

  8. been there! Pookah saw her picture and asked”why is the pretty girl crying?

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