This weekend was tops!  Well, if you were my kid, that’s what you’d say.  If you were me you’d say something more along the lines of “this weekend wore me the hell out!”

Friday I took baby to tennis practice with me.  I took stuff to keep her busy- toys, DVD player, etc.  The one thing I did not take were snacks.  So when she got bored she started throwing a fit, I was about to call it a wrap and go home but my Coach got her and sat on the side with her.  I was in the middle of a pretty pathetic game when I heard him say, “Regan, you want some chips?”  I shrugged it off until I saw her walking with a bag of DORITOS.  I have never let her have Dorito’s before and I almost said something, but he was doing me a solid and, let’s face it, she’s probably had them with her daddy, so I kept my opinions to myself.  When I finished my game and walked over to her, I got the cutest, orange’ish grin ever.  That child was happy!  Too bad I didn’t have my phone with me to snap a pic.

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Saturday afternoon we went her friend’s birthday party.  You thought I threw a nice party?  Mine are wiggedy wack compared to this shin dig.  Regan a blast in the bouncy house, getting her face painted and visiting with ELMO.  Yes, Elmo was there!  And for the adults- full bar, the most delicious Caribbean food (curried goat, anyone?) and a DJ.  It took every ounce of restraint not to get up and do the Stanky Leg! 

We were beat from the heat and the fun, but Sunday morning we got up and headed to Acworth Beach.  It’s a manmade beach on a lake, but it is so nice.  We got there before the crowds and had so much fun.  Our friends came a little later and we played in the sand, had snacks and played in the water some more.  Folks just couldn’t get over how excited she was and uninhibited in the water. 

After the beach we stopped by to see how my tennis team was doing.  Not so great, but I still enjoy the camaraderie of being on a tennis team. 

Next week, I have to play.  😦

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One Response to Beat

  1. Gladys says:

    What a fun weekend you guys had! That party seemed like a BLAST!

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