The Lowdown

It’s nearly 24 hours later and I am still exhausted.  That heat took every bit of good out of me.  I could really use a nap.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Calm, COOL and Collected before leaving the house

I was nervous most of yesterday morning.  And like I usually am when I am nervous about something, I just wanted to do it and get it over with.  Our match was away at a nice subdivision in Norcross.  A few of my teammates and I arrived around the same time, and we were all in good spirits.  The only thing that could get us down was the heat.  And it was oppressive!  I was just sitting there and had already begun to sweat.

The match was originally supposed to start at Noon, but both teams agreed to start earlier in order to try to beat the heat.  My line was supposed to start after one of the first two lines ended.  Thankfully, however, there was a free court so we got started around 1030 or so.

Fast forward, through 3 sets of tennis…

I have never been so hot in my entire life.  It’s a kind of hot I can’t even explain.  Add to that the fact that we were being active, and I’m shocked that I’m not in the hospital.  It was hot!  At one point, a woman from the opposing team commented that we were the only dummies out on the courts.  All other matches and practices had ended.  Even the pool next door was deserted.

We lost the match, but we did manage to win at least one set.  I don’t think I played all that well, but I do think I played better than last week against the children.  I’d like to think that if it wasn’t so hot I would have done better, but probably not.  My partner was a little better than me, but we both made silly mistakes.

When the match was finally over I literally walked off the court crying.  Not because we lost, but because I was so freaking hot and tired.  That’s the most work my body has been through in a LONG time, if not ever.  Our coach wanted to talk to us, but I told him I needed five minutes to get it together.  I needed a cold drink and to take off my socks and shoes.

Everyone says we did a good job, so I guess it wasn’t too bad (or they are really good liars).  And even though I was completely miserable, I still enjoyed a day of tennis.  Our season will end in a couple of weeks, but I am looking forward to playing in a doubles league this fall and really trying to improve upon my game.  Plus, you know, it will be cooler.

Shouts out to Disco Diva for suffering the heat to come out and support me.  And for bringing some really refreshing lemonade!  XO

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4 Responses to The Lowdown

  1. 1969 says:

    Good for you for pushing through. Once you cooled down and relaxed, I bet you were proud of yourself 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Awesome!!! You fought through the heat!!! I shut it down at 10am, I refuse to deal with the heat on a tennis court!

  3. monica.h says:

    Yes lawd, this heat ain’t nothing to play with.
    Congratulations on pushing through till the end.

  4. discodiva73 says:

    Watching you and your partner and talking to the other ladies made me want to get out there! I have your pics (which would have been great to put with this post) but can’t find my cord! I literally only got iike 3.

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