Randomly Speaking

I’m currently addicted to turkey rollups.  Like, take a piece of turkey add a piece of cheese (currently using muenster) and roll it up.  No bread. No mayo.  No mustard. Just meat and cheese.

Weird, I know.


Did you see the OC Reunion Part 2 last night.  It was very satisfying.  Lots of gasps and clutching of pearls.   Gretchen whippin out those emails!  Tamara outing Vicki for vacation one-night stand!  It was great.


I met a guy recently that I’m feeling very lukewarm about.  I was going to go out with him, but I think I’ll pass.  I’m gonna need to be really excited about someone to leave my house after dark.


My young cousin is coming to stay with me this week.  I’ve been working hard to come up with fun and cheap things to do with him.  So far so good.  I think my biggest expense will be taking him to a professional soccer game, but it will be worth it.  He’s never seen professionals play and he is really good.  Regan is over the moon with excitement whenever I mention his name.


Speaking of Regan, she is still loving her weekly swim classes.  I’ve noticed a huge improvement in her listening skills.  She even can kinda sorta swim.  I don’t think she realizes she is doing it, but it’s very exciting for me.  I can’t wait until we get to the part where I don’t have to be in the pool with her. Me, all large and in charge in the pool, is not what’s hot.

I’ll leave you with a few pics from our most recent class.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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3 Responses to Randomly Speaking

  1. ARGal says:

    “I’m currently addicted to turkey rollups. Like, take a piece of turkey add a piece of cheese (currently using muenster) and roll it up. No bread. No mayo. No mustard. Just meat and cheese.”

    Not weird at all. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid with various lunch meats.

    Love the pic of that baby falling into the pool.

  2. trish says:

    The pool looks like so much fun! My BFF has been taking her son to swimming lessons since he was one, I will definitely take my child, well once I have one! Also, I think Vicky is crazy!!

  3. Turkey rollups are great! I’m a single mom on a budget so we do these a lot! They’re fairly inexpesnive.

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