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Father’s Day

This Father’s Day was very special to me because it was the first Father’s Day I had spent with my dad since I was a young girl.  Can you imagine being 37 years old and never treating your dad to … Continue reading

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The Women

How was your Mother’s Day?  Mine was great.  It was so much better than I expected it.  We went home for a long weekend.  We didn’t do much, just spent lots of time with family.  Wait, I take that back, … Continue reading

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The Hunt Continues

Okay, this Easter egg hunt thing is out of control.  Our Lord is dead and risen and my family is still hiding Easter eggs for their own sick amusement. We thought my grandmother would enjoy watching Regan hunt for eggs, and … Continue reading

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My mother had a birthday a few weeks ago.  In the past I’ve given her some not so stellar gifts (did you know I HATE buying gifts?) so I really wanted to do something spectacular this year to show her … Continue reading

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Weekend in Review

I had such a great weekend.  My dad came to town to help celebrate my housewarming.  I always love it when he comes to town and my goodness so does Regan.  We picked her up from school Friday and she was … Continue reading

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Christmas in College Park

What a positively lovely Christmas we had this year!  It was so great waking up on a warm, rainy day with my two favorite ladies in the house.  The new (to me) house.  Regan and I wore our Christmas pajamas, … Continue reading

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Teenage Dream

As most of you know, I have a younger half-sister with whom I was not in contact with for more than a decade.  Since we have been reunited, we have become close and I have enjoyed watching her blossom into … Continue reading

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Making Lemonade

Well, those two glorious days of sunshine we had over the weekend have been replaced by rain, lightening and the loudest thunder I have ever heard in my life.  When it started Sunday night, I welcomed the sounds of the … Continue reading

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There is a brat in this house and she’s 37 years old.  All this time I spend dealing with Regan’s tantrums and it’s my mother that should be dealing with me. On Sunday evening she asked me if I wanted … Continue reading

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Weekend in Review

Obviously, this is the best weekend I’ve had in years.  Years, I say! I’m still on my work schedule so I’ve been waking up before 6am.  On Saturday I did a two-mile walk and today I did a three-mile walk … Continue reading

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