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This year for Regan’s birthday, I decided to do something low key at the house.  I wanted to incorporate water since that is her favorite thing in the world, so I decided on a backyard splash theme.  I bought a … Continue reading

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What Weekends Are Made Of

After the week that I had and the subsequent road trip from hell, this weekend is just what I needed.  I stayed in those streets and probably only cleared 5% of my DVR, but it was well worth it. Saturday, … Continue reading

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The Hunt, Part 2

The neighbors and I had a little egg hunt this evening for the girls.  Once again, we “hid” the eggs in plain sight in the middle of the grass.  You can’t imagine how long it took them to find them.

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Babyfree in the Queen City

This past weekend was my first babyfree weekend in almost a year.  I was really looking forward to some Me time and I knew I didn’t want to spend it just sitting around the house, so I planned a little … Continue reading

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The ‘sac

Sunday was glorious. Baby and I got up early for some snuggles and smoochers.  Then I decided we should go to church.  I haven’t actually been to the house of the Lord on a Sunday at 10am in years, and … Continue reading

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Weekend in Review

I had such a great weekend.  My dad came to town to help celebrate my housewarming.  I always love it when he comes to town and my goodness so does Regan.  We picked her up from school Friday and she was … Continue reading

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Atlanta Blogger Meetup!

A few of us are organizing a blogger/twitter meetup.  I’m talking a whole weekend of activities!  A chance to put faces to names and online personalities.  A chance to see if that person you follow on twitter really IS that … Continue reading

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Sh*t Stay at Home Moms Say

The Sh*t bandwagon knows no boundaries.  I admit to  being amused by most of them, but this one I find particularly hilarious.  Not just because I have said heard many of these lines, but because my good friend is the … Continue reading

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Light on Words, Heavy on the Pictures

I had such a great weekend!  Both my mom and The Girl were in town.  It was great having a house full of people with room for everyone. Saturday morning I decided to try (again) to put my hair in … Continue reading

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Santa Outdid Herself!

I was completely blown away when I received my Blogland Secret Santa gift this weekend.  It amazes me that someone I don’t know could be so thoughtful.  I guess I do a pretty good job of letting people get to … Continue reading

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