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That Old Feeling

So sometime last week, not sure when exactly since the days seem to run together, I started feeling a bit twitchy about the lower left leg.  I didn’t think much of it at first, then one night I was lying … Continue reading

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I’m five months pregnant. Okay, not really but I sho nuff look 5 months pregnant.  Even with my “foundation garment” I have a definite pooch.  I’ve been eating pretty good 6 days a week and I’m down nearly 12 pounds, so it … Continue reading

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Size Matters

At last week’s meeting, the topic was portion control.  The meeting leader showed us some examples and had members come up and pour out what they thought certain portions were.  I know I am guilty of pouring 8 ounces of … Continue reading

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Weight Watcher

I knew it was going to be a good day when I slipped on my skinny jeans this morning.  No, they aren’t “skinny jeans”.  They are jeans that make me feel skinny.  I pulled them out of my closet just … Continue reading

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I seriously considered not weighing in yesterday.  I knew I was up a couple of pounds and I thought seeing it on paper would depress me.  Why bother have someone telling me what I already knew? I went to the … Continue reading

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Weight Watcher

Down 2.8 Pounds! That’s a total of 10.4.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I can tell from the side that I’m a little slimmer.  That’s motivation! This past week I faced some challenges.  I had … Continue reading

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Weight Watcher

I’ve completed my first week of Weight Watchers.  It was pretty easy.  In fact, some days a little too easy.  I found that I was being challenged on eating enough points.  I did better the second half of the week … Continue reading

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Checking In

I’m much too tired to write a very cohesive post so bear with me.  Picture me at 4am sitting up in my bed holding baby so she could sleep without coughing.  And I was hella busy at work today.  I … Continue reading

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Breathe Again

The nurse told me I was right to follow my mommy instincts and bring the baby back.  Her cough had developed into bronchiolitis.  I’ve never seen a doctor or nurse take so much time with a stethoscope listening to lungs.  She … Continue reading

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One Day Down

It’s the end of my first day on the Weight Watchers plan.  I’m not gonna sugarcoat it. I’m hungry! It’s not JHud’s fault, though. It’s totally on me. I didn’t eat all of my points today.  Call it poor planning. … Continue reading

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