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Babygate 2012

The dust has settled.  The body count has been taken.  And now I feel like I can write about what happened without getting all emotional and whatnot. So my mom calls me Monday morning as I was driving to work.  … Continue reading

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Gone, Baby, Gone

How was your Fourth?  Mine was great.  I mean, as great as a mid-week holiday with oppressive heat and a sick baby can get.  The first half of the day was spent like this: In the afternoon, when I started grilling hot … Continue reading

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This weekend was tops!  Well, if you were my kid, that’s what you’d say.  If you were me you’d say something more along the lines of “this weekend wore me the hell out!” Friday I took baby to tennis practice … Continue reading

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Would you implant into your child a device that could locate them (like a chip in a dog)?  Let’s say the chip was put in their arm or a tooth?    

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Note: This post does not include photos.  You will thank me later. Yesterday, after returning home from a delightful lunch with the world traveler known as DiscoDiva, I was delighted to put Regan down for a nap so I could … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Gonna Hate Me

This morning I planned to talk to the director at the school but she wasn’t around.  So, when I got to work, I very kindly sent an email: Dear School- I wanted to express my thoughts about the ice cream … Continue reading

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The Homies

I hate stuffed animals.  I really do.  Unfortunately stuffed animals are a prerequisite for having a child.  I mean, how can you not let your Mickey obsessed child have her very own Mickey doll? The other day I gathered all … Continue reading

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This year for Regan’s birthday, I decided to do something low key at the house.  I wanted to incorporate water since that is her favorite thing in the world, so I decided on a backyard splash theme.  I bought a … Continue reading

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Feeling Sappy

“Vision of Love” came on this morning and I sang along as I always do cause I think I can sing like Mariah.  Anyway, all of the sudden I got all verklempt listening to the lyrics.  They perfectly express how … Continue reading

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The Great Manipulator

I had a great weekend.  I went to a friend’s house party Friday night.  Then I worked, exercised, rested and ran errands on both Saturday and Sunday.  It was a damn near perfect weekend and when Sunday evening rolled around … Continue reading

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