Gone, Baby, Gone

How was your Fourth?  Mine was great.  I mean, as great as a mid-week holiday with oppressive heat and a sick baby can get.  The first half of the day was spent like this:

In the afternoon, when I started grilling hot dogs and bacon cheddar burgers, I peeped a house full of handsome goodlookings a couple of yards over.  My suspicious eye went up at the fact that there didn’t seem to be any women in sight, then one of them got a little flirty FROM TWO YARDS OVER and I seriously considered ditching my mom and my baby to go over and see what the happs were.  That baby, however, had other plans for me.  Seems she got a fever and was feeling under the weather.  She didn’t even want to play in her new water table or run through the sprinklers. 

So I hot footed it down to the drug store for some meds and came home.  The evening included lots of snuggles and kisses and prayers that the fever would go away cause I needed to be free.  What do I mean?

Yesterday, Regan got on a plane and went to New Jersey for a whole week.  FREEDOM!!!

I had been looking forward to my mini-break for weeks, but when I took them to the airport I actually started to cry.  Last night when she called me on FaceTime, I cried some more.  I totally wasted night one of baby freedom.  I didn’t laze by the pool, I didn’t have a cocktail, I didn’t even cook dinner.  I was actually in the bed at 730pm on a Thursday night.

Tonight I have tennis so at least I can go to practice and not worry about getting home at a decent time.  Tomorrow I need to come up with something fun to do.  Mayhaps I’ll go see the movie with nekkid menz in it.  Yes, I know it’s supposed to be bad, but I likely cannot pass up a chance to see Cha.nning Ta.tum do the pe.nis pop.


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The Lowdown

It’s nearly 24 hours later and I am still exhausted.  That heat took every bit of good out of me.  I could really use a nap.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Calm, COOL and Collected before leaving the house

I was nervous most of yesterday morning.  And like I usually am when I am nervous about something, I just wanted to do it and get it over with.  Our match was away at a nice subdivision in Norcross.  A few of my teammates and I arrived around the same time, and we were all in good spirits.  The only thing that could get us down was the heat.  And it was oppressive!  I was just sitting there and had already begun to sweat.

The match was originally supposed to start at Noon, but both teams agreed to start earlier in order to try to beat the heat.  My line was supposed to start after one of the first two lines ended.  Thankfully, however, there was a free court so we got started around 1030 or so.

Fast forward, through 3 sets of tennis…

I have never been so hot in my entire life.  It’s a kind of hot I can’t even explain.  Add to that the fact that we were being active, and I’m shocked that I’m not in the hospital.  It was hot!  At one point, a woman from the opposing team commented that we were the only dummies out on the courts.  All other matches and practices had ended.  Even the pool next door was deserted.

We lost the match, but we did manage to win at least one set.  I don’t think I played all that well, but I do think I played better than last week against the children.  I’d like to think that if it wasn’t so hot I would have done better, but probably not.  My partner was a little better than me, but we both made silly mistakes.

When the match was finally over I literally walked off the court crying.  Not because we lost, but because I was so freaking hot and tired.  That’s the most work my body has been through in a LONG time, if not ever.  Our coach wanted to talk to us, but I told him I needed five minutes to get it together.  I needed a cold drink and to take off my socks and shoes.

Everyone says we did a good job, so I guess it wasn’t too bad (or they are really good liars).  And even though I was completely miserable, I still enjoyed a day of tennis.  Our season will end in a couple of weeks, but I am looking forward to playing in a doubles league this fall and really trying to improve upon my game.  Plus, you know, it will be cooler.

Shouts out to Disco Diva for suffering the heat to come out and support me.  And for bringing some really refreshing lemonade!  XO

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Weekend: As Seen Through My iPhone


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So, I have my first tennis match this weekend.  I know I’ve only been practicing for a few weeks, but I’m probably not going to get any better before the season ends in three weeks, so it’s now or never.

On Monday, my coach had me and my partner come in to practice and get ready.  She and I are on about the same level, which means we’re in trouble, yo.  The good thing is that she and I are both pretty easygoing about this whole tennis thing.  Neither of us is putting stress on the other.  We both agree that it’s just a game, so let’s have fun and do it!

We spent Monday running drills and it was fun, except for the part where I thought I was going to die.  Seriously, it was that hot and I quickly realized that my lackadaisical approach to finding proper attire needed to be kicked up a notch.  By the time I left there, I was soaking wet and exhausted.  Still, I headed straight to the store and bought some shorts.  Thunder thighs be damned, I need to stay cool!

We came back on Tuesday for more drills, but were informed that we would be playing a few sets…against some kids.  Y’all I had my ass handed to me by a bunch of 14 year olds.  Well, one of the girls was 12 and she wasn’t that good.  Oh, and she was built like me (read: tig ole bitties).  At the age of 12.  I asked her what she eats.  She said chicken.  Regan is now a vegetarian.

At the end of the day, I remarked that I felt guilty for being so bad.  I don’t want to be wasting people’s time- my partner, coach or spectators.  I was assured that it wasn’t a waste of time.  I asked my coach if I was the worst player he’d ever seen.  He assured me I was not.  He did say I seem to get excited when the ball is coming towards me and I need to play more so that doesn’t happen.

So it looks like I’m playing in a match this Sunday.  Did I mention it’s going to be 100 degrees?  Pray for me. 

Or do a rain dance or something.


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In addition to inheriting my joie de vivre, it seems Regan has also inherited my penchant for janky hair styles.  The other day at the “beach” I noticed how cute her little friend’s hair was.  It was in a bunch of mini twists and she looked cute with a little bow in it.  I decided to try my hand at twists on baby’s hair.

It took a solid hour and here are the results.  Kinda cute.  Kinda.

After she slept on them they weren’t so cute, but I sent her to school anyway because she’s 2 and…who really cares.

The third morning, however, was the jankiest.  No way I could send baby coolio to school looking like that while I was looking oh so fine (no, really) so I undid the twists hoping we’d have a cute little twistout.  No such luck.

In the end I sprayed it with some water in an effort to fluff it up and added a couple of ponytails on top to give the illusion of a purposeful style.

Tomorrow, we go back to pony puffs and braids.



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Pay to Play?

This morning I raised a topic on twitter that got several varied responses. 

Wait, do you follow me on Twitter?  You should.  I’m a good time.  But I do like to make fun of people, so if you are sensitive you should probably be warned.  But, please, try not to take anything personally.  I’m almost always not talking about friends or ‘friends’.

Anywho, Regan received a birthday party invitation to the children’s museum in a couple of weeks.  The invitation clearly states that parents will have to pay for their own admission*.  I am put off by this.  How are you going to invite my child to a party and I have to come out the pocket on admission when I already have to pay for a gift?  And don’t forget downtown parking!

My thought is if you want to have your party at one of the popular children’s places around town, pick the one that is not going to cost your guests anything.  There is Gymboree, Music Class, Aquatots.  The possibilities are endless and, quite frankly, more fun and less hassle.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything less fun that I’d want to do on a Saturday.  The Children’s Museum is more like a zoo.  A zoo of wild, uncontrollable toddlers and children.  You couldn’t pay me to be there at prime time on a weekend.  And pay for it?  No, sir!

Thankfully, Regan is out-of-town on the day of the party, so going is not an option.  I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.  I adore the birthday girl, but I wouldn’t have been willing to spend the $25+ that it would have cost me.  I think I’ll just send a gift to school and call it a wrap.

Okay, good people of blogland, how do you feel about paying to play?  Do you think it’s okay to ask parents to pay their own way at kids’ parties?  Have you/would you do the same?



*I googled the party at the children’s museum and it looks like the party includes 23 guests.  I doubt she is having 23 kids attend, so it looks like she is only expecting certain people to pay.

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This weekend was tops!  Well, if you were my kid, that’s what you’d say.  If you were me you’d say something more along the lines of “this weekend wore me the hell out!”

Friday I took baby to tennis practice with me.  I took stuff to keep her busy- toys, DVD player, etc.  The one thing I did not take were snacks.  So when she got bored she started throwing a fit, I was about to call it a wrap and go home but my Coach got her and sat on the side with her.  I was in the middle of a pretty pathetic game when I heard him say, “Regan, you want some chips?”  I shrugged it off until I saw her walking with a bag of DORITOS.  I have never let her have Dorito’s before and I almost said something, but he was doing me a solid and, let’s face it, she’s probably had them with her daddy, so I kept my opinions to myself.  When I finished my game and walked over to her, I got the cutest, orange’ish grin ever.  That child was happy!  Too bad I didn’t have my phone with me to snap a pic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday afternoon we went her friend’s birthday party.  You thought I threw a nice party?  Mine are wiggedy wack compared to this shin dig.  Regan a blast in the bouncy house, getting her face painted and visiting with ELMO.  Yes, Elmo was there!  And for the adults- full bar, the most delicious Caribbean food (curried goat, anyone?) and a DJ.  It took every ounce of restraint not to get up and do the Stanky Leg! 

We were beat from the heat and the fun, but Sunday morning we got up and headed to Acworth Beach.  It’s a manmade beach on a lake, but it is so nice.  We got there before the crowds and had so much fun.  Our friends came a little later and we played in the sand, had snacks and played in the water some more.  Folks just couldn’t get over how excited she was and uninhibited in the water. 

After the beach we stopped by to see how my tennis team was doing.  Not so great, but I still enjoy the camaraderie of being on a tennis team. 

Next week, I have to play.  😦

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It took 4 hours to upload this 2 minute video. There has got to be a better way!

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Get Yo’ Husband!

I really feel like I need to clarify something with the Universe, cause the men of Atlanta have really gotten me twisted.  Twisted!  There is no situation, reality or bizarro world where I would EVER engage in any activities with a married man.  Nothing disgusts me more than a man who is disloyal to his marriage vows.

Married men flirt with me a lot.  I hate it.  I don’t know what it is about me that makes them think I’d be down with adultery, but I am not.  I truly don’t even like to make eye contact with a married man.  I don’t even want to give them an opening.

Recently, I have come across two such snakes.  Take, for instance, a man we’ll call Daycare Dad.  One day I was picking Regan up and as I walked into the classroom, her (now gone) teacher said, “So and So’s daddy turned around and was looking at your booty.”  My response, “we should tell So and So’s mommy.”  Homie don’t play that.

There is another husband that flirts with me incessantly.  I am polite and make minimal chit chat, but nothing more than that.  Some days he has on his wedding ring, other days he does not.  Then today, he crossed the line.  I received an email that basically said, “Hey, Babs.  I notice you’re losing weight.  You are looking good.”

Ummm, okay, where should I start.  Number one, I’m not losing weight.  Nope not a single pound.  It’s my tan that makes me look thinner.  Number two, you shouldn’t be emailing me anything,  at all, ever.  If your household needs to communicate with my household, then your wife should do it.  Number three, what makes you think my weight is up for discussion?  How rude!  What if I was sensitive about it?  And finally, I am completely insulted that you would think I was so STUPID and DESPERATE that I would take that kind of bait!  I will die cold, alone and with cobwebs all up in my Queen Victoria before I ever did something like that.

I don’t really know him or his wife, but I know she is super nice.  And she probably doesn’t know her husband is a snake.  There is another situation that occurred with this same guy, but I don’t know who reads my blog, so I will keep those details to myself.

I haven’t decided how or if I will respond to this email.  This is someone I see every day, so I don’t want to make for an awkward situation, but at the same time I need to shut this sh!t down!

How would you handle it?

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Father’s Day

This Father’s Day was very special to me because it was the first Father’s Day I had spent with my dad since I was a young girl.  Can you imagine being 37 years old and never treating your dad to a Father’s Day dinner?  When dad told me he was coming I was super excited and immediately tried to plan a fabulous weekend.  That was pretty much a bust, since folks were wishy washy about what they wanted to do and didn’t give me time to plan.

We had fun around the house on Friday.  On Saturday we ran a few errands and of course ended up at Costco.  I tried to talk dad out of my usual Costco field trip since the weekend was supposed to be about him, but he reminded me I need to take advantage of his visits.  Besides, let’s face it, a sistah needed pull-ups and chicken breasts!

Sunday we set out to one of my favorite restaurants for a lovely lunch.  He was really impressed with the restaurant and said he can’t wait to come again.  He even said if he lived in Atlanta, he would be a regular there. 

Daddy got the sea bass and I got the lobster.  I don’t typically like to work for my food, but I felt like having something different.  We decided to skip the mimosas and both went for mojitos!

Gee, it seems I failed to mention the presence of my little sister during the weekend.  That’s because her presence left a big black mark on the weekend.  But I’ll save that for another post aboutspoiledbratswhodon’tknowhowtoactinpublic.

How was your Father’s Day?



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