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It’s Been That Kind of Morning

It’s been a shitty ass morning.  Let’s see, how did it start?  Oh wait, it started last night.  I have been getting sick all week.  Yesterday was a hellish day and it brought all of my defenses down.  By the … Continue reading

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Day 8: A Moment to Breathe

For a moment, I wanted to scream.  I wanted to scream, “look what you did!”  I couldn’t believe that a full glass of dark cola was spilled all over my living room carpet! Instead, I took a moment to breathe. … Continue reading

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Like a What?

Yesterday, Tim and I took the Offspring to the pool for a quick afternoon outing.  Since there were four of us I was able to actually do some swimming without the littlest attached to my neck.  While he sat on … Continue reading

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38 Weeks

Yes, yes.  I’m still here.  And muy pregnant! I woke up this morning and my feet hurt like I had been walking all night.  And my back has been hurting since yesterday.  I am seriously considering working half days the … Continue reading

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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s His Brother

Friday night I found myself at my local Tar-jay with the Offspring.  I was returning a couple of things and in search of a curtain rod for Foxy’s room.  Before we entered the store I gave the youngest a quick … Continue reading

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Weekend in Review

This weekend was positively splendiferous!  When I left work I was tired and beat down.  I am happy to report it was uphill all the way from there. My weekend started with meeting the girls for Girls’ Night Out at … Continue reading

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Kid Friendly Music

I need some kid friendly music ideas for downloading. I’m guessing today’s children and tweens don’t want to hear BBD or Easy E. So what’s hot child appropriate on the school yard?  I’m already on that M.i.ley. Artist and Song Title … Continue reading

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